A New Year: The Need for Gun Control

It is now a few weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting. With 26 dead, we are scrambling to come up with a way to deal with, not only the grief that such a tragedy elicits, but widespread confusion about gun control in its aftermath.

Let us start with this piece of clarity: 20 children should not have been shot to death. There is no argument there.  So what is it then? Maybe it is our sense of decency that is keeping us confused.  No decent person is willing to easily “go there”—to that realm of possibility where an industry would be so greedy and corrupt, it would create a business model based on death and destruction.  It is hard to find words that don’t sound foul coming out of our mouths. For us to say the NRA and gun companies profit from and cultivate a culture of violence would imply such deviant thinking, such reprehensible acts that it is hard to admit to even thinking an official and respected organization would do such a thing.
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