Thoughts on a “Transportation CSA”

“It’s the food movement meets apple computers—intuitive, cool, desirable, technological, local organic AND sustainable.”

We are at point in our civilization where we are facing an enormous number of crisis that may seem unrelated, what the crises boil down is my theory that what we are really facing is a crisis of human rights. We have to re define what basic human rights are in the context of our age of technology. For instance, we have not yet established that having a planet we can live on is a basic human right. We also do not yet consider the pursuit of a healthy life as a basic human right.

Consider the Declaration of Independence, which states of course our inalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It would be hard to imagine a happy life if you could not be healthy.

The next thing is to present a framework as to how this theory is put into practice in our daily life. Utilizing a fairly straightforward example, consider the fact that we need healthy food to survive, and the fact that healthy food in this country is unaffordable to a significant percent of the population. Right now the consequence of this dilemma is a healthcare system costing the country sixteen percent of GDP, in large part because of a rising obesity epidemic in part due to lack of access to healthy food. Human rights must be considered priceless, and yet we see the costs in financial terms when we don’t uphold those very human rights.

A success story in the health world is the food movement. Seven years ago, it was hard to feel good about the food we had access to. Since then, “local, organic and sustainable” have become synonymous with healthy food, in other words they’ve become code words for our food system. I find inspiration in this when I consider how to tackle transportation system which is designed around the automobile instead of people. If we can take the same set of principles from the food movement, and apply them to transportation, we get what I call transportation CSA.