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Transpo Blog from Tony at the Vermont Workers Center. We really like this!

Here is a great article about a doctor who who learns she has Type 2 diabetes, and gets a cargo bike to do house calls! Here @ The Greenprint, we are really excited about this! Click here to read the whole story!

Gov. Peter Shumlin appointed Elizabeth Miller as his chief of staff this month, after only two years in state government as the commissioner of the Department of Public Service.

Last week, VTDigger reporter Andrew Stein spoke to the former private attorney about why she entered the public sector, what her future political aspirations are, why she took Shumlin’s offer and how her department will fare after her departure.


The future of biking . . . and how good design can help:





Listen to the podcast of “Paying For It,” Elizabeth Kolbert’s Comment about Washington and the carbon tax. . . part of the big picture, with a social justice framework.
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There is a lot of discussion about the grim state we are in, there is beginnings of
rumbling about need for a carbon tax, and the biggest issue I see about the tax
is its regressive unless some of the tax is used to fund public transportation, which is critical.


Organic Transit—the eco-mobility movement!

Tropical Storm Irene: By the Numbers
The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources—this is a link to the Climate Change Team, with the article and photos describing the devastation of Tropical Storm Irene.